Owen Robbins, President and CEOOwen S. Robbins
President & CEO

Owen Robbins is a Clinical Psychologist and is the "conceptual and research design half" of Benchmark's team. As president, Owen views his job through clients' eyes. "Our clients expect us to help them be more successful. We support client success by designing studies, generating data and interpreting results that answer the questions clients asked." more

Constance L. Olsen, PartnerConstance L. Olsen
Vice President & COO

Connie Olsen is the "operations half" of Benchmark's team. As Chief Operating Officer, Connie is responsible for managing "the business of the business", overseeing all daily business operations. more


John J. Baczewski, DirectorJohn J. Baczewski

John Baczewski, CPA, is president of Real Estate Fiduciary Services, LLC (REFS), which provides independent fiduciary services and consulting to institutional and individual investors. Baczewski has more than 25 years of experience in institutional real estate investment, finance, management and monitoring, along with 10 years of Big Four public accounting experience. more

Neil FidlerNeil Fidler
Senior Systems Administrator

Neil Fidler joined Benchmark’s technology team in 2002 to manage and grow Benchmark’s network, security and Internet infrastructure. In addition to managing Benchmark’s technology, Neil is the primary liaison with client and vendor IT departments, ensuring the smooth flow of Benchmark’s information exchange. more