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Research Services

Performance Measurement for Portfolio and Asset Management
  • Tenant, Facility and Resident Satisfaction Survey
  • Comparative Analysis of Management and/or Vendor Performance
  • Design & Construction Management Evaluation
  • Environmental Sustainability Practices/Sustainable Building Operations
    • Multi-dimensional analysis measuring both Satisfaction, Perceived Value and Relative Importance
    • Customized survey development and reporting that matches clients’ decision-making hierarchy
    • Competitive Comparison Analysis, Benchmark Performance Comparison
    • Leasing Opportunity Report - Controllable Factors that Influence Leasing Decisions
    • Move-in / Move-out Evaluations, Work Order Tracking
    • Instant Feedback
  • Instant Feedback (Receiving responses as they are submitted)
  • 360 Degree Action Planning
    • Utilize survey results to improve and document service delivery immediately
    • Portfolio/asset management tool for:
      • revenue enhancement,
      • management objectives,
      • incentive compensation planning,
      • process improvement,
      • staff development and training
      • needs assessment
    • Benchmark holds a Patent Pending on its 360 Degree Action Planning capability
Organizational Development
  • Corporate Governance & Succession Planning
  • Partner and Board Level Strategic Planning Workshops & Retreats
  • Investor/Partner Evaluation
  • Client Perception/Client Development Evaluations
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Satisfaction, Opinion & Awareness
  • Incentive Compensation Planning
Business Development and Planning
  • Customer Satisfaction/Customer Service Performance Measurement
  • Customer Preferences and Revenue Enhancement
  • Client Services Evaluation
  • Competitive Comparison Evaluation
  • Marketing and Branding Effectiveness. Positioning/Repositioning
  • Value Proposition Evaluation and Creation
Industry Practice Standards
  • Domestic & International Practices Evaluation
  • Peer Performance Evaluation
    • Net Operating Income
    • National Commission Payment Standards
    • National 3rd Party Management Fee Standards
    • National Debt Valuation Practices Among Investment Fiduciaries