Survey Research Process & Action Planning

Benchmark's survey research process is a collaboration between experts.

Clients are expert at identifying what they need to know, why they need to know it and how the information will be used.

Benchmark is expert at understanding client's strategic research goals, identifying the means to achieve those goals and transforming those information requirements into research design that produces measurable and actionable results.

Understand What Clients Need to Know

Define survey research goals
  • What do you want to know?
  • From whom do you want to know it?
  • How do you envision using the results?
Determine the audience
  • How will the results be used and by whom?
  • Will different stakeholder groups need different reports to accomplish their project goals?
Begin with the end in mind

How will you know that the project succeeded?

Transform What Clients Need to Know into Effective Research Design

Determine what constitutes "good data"

If the people you want to survey answer the questions you want to ask, will that tell you what you need to know?

Create the survey categories and questions

Do these questions ask what you want to know?

Identify participants

Are these the right people to ask?

Decide method of gathering the data

What format of asking questions is most likely to get a greatest response (i.e., traditional paper survey, web-based survey, phone interview, personal interview)?

Distribute the survey. Conduct the interviews.

Ask the people you included the questions for which you are seeking answers.

Utilize Benchmark's Proprietary Suite of Research & Reporting Tools to Generate Results

Gather the data

Conduct, administer and manage the research process across all groups you defined.

Analyze the data and report the results

Transform the data we collected into the results you sought by measuring against the criteria you defined.

Interpret the results

Explain what the results mean and how they answer the questions you asked and the information you sought.

Action Planning: Use the Results to Create Detailed Road Map to Support
and Enhance Business & Operational Decisions

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your success
  • Prioritize policy changes, allocation of resources and personnel assignments to support operational decisions made based on survey/research results
  • Train key client stakeholders to understand and utilize the 360-degree nature of Benchmark's Performance Metrics and Action Planning throughout all aspects of the customer service cycle
  • Implement methods and strategies for enhancing your company's effectiveness at using research-based knowledge to support decisions that lead to success.

Measure Success

Measure effectiveness of implemented Action Plans:
  • Did your plan work?
  • How well?
  • What would you repeat?
  • What would you change?
Remeasure, adjust, adapt, enhance and improve your company's ability to meet its near-term goals and long-term strategic objectives

Repeat the Cycle: Use Knowledge to Fine Tune the Process