About Us

Our Firm

Benchmark is an independent research and consulting firm with extensive experience in metrics-based strategic planning, including tenant, employee and customer satisfaction performance measurement. We operate at the intersection between companies and their customers, organizations and their stakeholders.

Benchmark’s mission is to create measurable value for our clients by generating better data to support improved decision-making.

Benchmark creates customized performance metrics programs utilizing both survey research and in-depth interviews. Each project is based upon four key success factors.

  • Understanding what clients need to know
  • Transforming what clients need to know into effective research design
  • Generating superior results that support decision-making and lead to Action Planning
  • Measuring the effectiveness management’s decisions and the outcome of implemented Action Plans.

How would Benchmark do this for you? By building a custom designed research program; gathering the information you need to know, learning what is most important to your customers, measuring their level of satisfaction with services and products you provide. That is, did you exceed, meet or fail customers expectations in the areas that are most important and what action plans are needed to improve customer satisfaction?

Sometimes customer satisfaction results from a lucky guess. When it comes to sustaining and growing a satisfied base of loyal customers, however, luck is a poor substitute for knowledge. Companies that establish customer satisfaction programs based on an accurate understanding of the factors that influence customer behavior have a clear competitive advantage in the market place.

Benchmark’s research provides insight into how customer think about your company and how satisfaction or dissatisfaction impacts customers’ purchase decisions, negotiating strategies, renewals, retention, brand loyalty and employee engagement. Benchmark’s Survey Research & Performance Metrics Program is one of the most powerful and cost-effective strategic planning tools available for supporting superior leadership and decision making.